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T'riss Queen of Dreams


Queen of High House Life

Goddess of Divinations (BH)


Appearance and Warren


"L'oric closed his eyes, and called upon the Queen of Dreams. 'By your true name, T'riss, I would speak with you. In Osric my father's name, hear my prayer...'

A scene slowly formed in his mind, a place unfamiliar to him. A formal garden, high-walled, with a circular pool in the centre. Marble benches waited beneath the shadows of the surrounding growth. The flagstones around the pool were rippled with fine, white sand.

He found himself approaching the pool, staring down into the mirrored surface.

Where stars swam in inky blackness.

'The resemblance is there.'

He turned at the liquid voice, to see a woman now seated on the pool’s edge. She looked to be no more than twenty, her hair copper-gold and long. A heart-shaped face, pale, the eyes a light grey." - (HoC, UK Trade, p.428-9)


'Another woman now sat on the edge of the pool. Fair-skinned, delicately featured, her long golden-hued hair drawn up and bound in n elaborate mass of braids. One hand was immersed in the pool, yet no ripples spanned outwards.' (BH UKTpb, p.494)

Kiska :'She'd heard that the Queen of Dreams was supposed to be a practitioner of Thyr.' (NoK PS-UK HC p.229


General References


Icarium:' If I recall correctly...when nuns of the Queen of Dreams die the bodies are simply wrapped in linen and placed on recessed ledges in the crypt walls...The Queen of Dreams is Life-aspected'(DG, UK MMPB, p.171)

‘These paintings do not belong to the cult of the Queen,’ Mappo said, stating the obvious, for the scenes on the walls revealed a dark mythos. Thick fir trees reared black, moss-stained boles on all sides. The effect

created was of standing in a glade deep in an ancient forest. Between the trunks here and there was the hint of hulking, four-legged beasts, their eyes glowing as if in reflected moonlight. (DG)


'There were in any case mysteries surrounding the Queen, Corabb knew, and it was generally believed that her cult had not originated in the Malazan Empire. The Goddess of Divinations cast a thousand reflections upon a thousand peoples, and no one civilisation could claim her exclusively as its own.' (BH UKTpb, p.192)


A foreign goddess.  Corabb scowled.  Well, maybe not entirely foreign, but still….(BH)


L'oric: 'You have made a bragain with the Queen of Dreams..... That goddess has no interest in what's right and what's wrong. If she once possessed a heart, she flung it away long ago.' (BH UKTpb, p.267)


Corabb : “He (Leoman) has escaped.  Into the Warren of D’riss, under the protection of the Queen of Dreams (BH)


Tool (in MoI): . ‘At first, there were three others, who wandered together, for a time. Anomander Rake, Caladan Brood, and a sorceress who eventually ascended to become the Queen of Dreams. Following that event, dramas ensued – or so it is told.'


T'riss on Osserc (in MoI): ‘Friend? L’oric, we were too powerful to know friendship. Our endeavours far too fierce. Our war was with chaos itself, and, at times, with each other. We battled to shape all that would follow. And some

of us lost that battle. Do not misapprehend, I held no deep enmity for your father. Rather, he was as unfathomable as the rest of us – a bemusement we all shared, perhaps the only thing we shared.’ 

Gamet on T'amber :'She was a concubine, I believe, in the Grand Temple of the Queen of Dreams, in Unta... Nor is T’amber particularly talkative . . .’ (HoC, UK Trade, p.277)




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