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Name: Taffo

Gender: --

Age: unknown

Race: human

Appearance: --


Taffo is a soldier in the 9th Company, 8th Legion, 14th Army. Taffo is part of Sergeant Mosel's Squad (heavy infantry). Taffo is killed in the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan when Strings uses a cusser to destroy a building in close proximity to Taffo.



"There were heavy infantry among them now, and Bottle saw Taffo, from Mosel's squad, wading into a crowd of warriors now ten paces from the bulding - from String's target -

     - as the crossbow thunked, the misshapen quarrel flying out, up, into the max of the window.


Where Taffo had been fighting a mob of warriors, there was now nothing but a heap of rubble and a few dust-sheathed limbs jutting from beneath it, all motionless."

tBH, UK mmpb, p. 357


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