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Name: --Tarr

Pseudonyms: --

Age: --

Race: --

Appearance: -- See Below

Warrens: --

Further Info: -- Corporal of the 4th Squad, The Bonehunters

Corporal Tarr

HoC, Dramatis Personae



"Strings sighed and pointed to the nondescript soldier sitting to Koryk's left... By the man's accent and his pale, stolid features, Strings knew him as being from Li Heng... 'All right. You're now Corporal Tarr...' "
HoC, UK mmpb, pg 300
Further Info: 
Tarrr was given his name by Master Sergeant Braven Tooth as he is good at physically standing his ground.
"...'Once he's planted those feet of his, you could hit him with a battering ram and he won't budge.' "
HoC, UK mmpb, pg 300

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Imperial Historian said

at 12:36 pm on Jun 16, 2009

Good work

Amber said

at 11:05 am on Jun 22, 2009

Thanks for that. Just happy i was able to contribute!

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