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Name: Tattersail

Pseudonyms: ?

Age: 219 during GotM

Race: Human, Malazan

Appearance: Large, round-faced

Warren: Thyr

Further Info: A Mage of the Malazan 2nd Army.


A Mage of the Malazan 2nd Army. She was the sole survivor of her cadre during the Siege of Pale. She was slain in a conflagration on the Rhivi Plain. She was reborn within Silverfox.


Tattersail, Cadre Sorceress, 2nd Army, a reader of the Deck of Dragons


Dramatis Personae, GotM

"Her arms were crossed, tight against her chest. The burgundy cloak with its silver emblem betokening her command of the 2nd Army's wizard cadre now hung from her round shoulders stained and scorched. Her oval, fleshy face, usually parading an expression of cherubic humour, was etched with deep-shadowed lines, leaving her cheeks flaccid and pale."


GotM, UK Trade p.40, UK mmpb p.52

"'She's a survivor - and loyal. It's not common news, but she's been offered the title of High Mage more than once and she won't accept it. It doesn't show, but a head-to-head between her and Tayschrenn would be a close thing. She's a Master of her Warren, and you don't acquire that with a weak spine."


- Whiskeyjack on Tattersail

GotM, US HC, p.117

"'The simple fact is, Dujek chose Tattersail to command the cadre after Nedurian's untimely demise at Mott Wood.'"


- Calot argues with Hairlock

GotM, UK Trade p.48, UK mmpb p.64

"An ancient memory flooded her thoughts, which she had repressed for almost two centuries...Once again she walked the muddy streets of her village where she had been born, a child bearing the Talent, a child who had seen horseman of war sweeping down into their sheltered lives. A child who had run away from the knowledge, telling no one, and the night came, a night of screams and death."


GotM, US HC, p.115

"Coward - that's what you are, woman. A coward."


- Tattersail on Tattersail

GotM, UK mmpb p.71

"...Tattersail felt her Thyr Warren flow into her. She shaped it, muttering the chain-words beneath her breath, then unleashed the power"


GotM, UK mmpb p.75





"...the many soft pillows of her flesh."


GotM, UK mmpb p.59

"The fat lady with the spells..."


Tattersail, speaking of herself

GotM, US HC, p.94

"Paran studied her round, ghostly pale face. There was something about her that seemed to disregard her physical mundanity, overwhelmed it, in fact, so that the captain found himself responding in ways that surprised him."


GotM, US HC, p.206


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