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Name: Tayschrenn

Pseudonyms: Artanthos

Age: unknown, at least 100 years

Race: human, probably Kartoolian

Appearance: Bald, with a braid of hair down the back. Dark-skinned.

Warren: High Telas, Denul, Aral Gamelon, the Imperial Warren, Thyr probably Mockra, and likely others

Further Info: High Mage to the Malazan Empress, senior mage in the Malazan Empire.


Physical Description


"Long, drawn mahogany-tanned face that appeared oddly seamless, bland even. Sunken, dark, black-ringed eyes. Brown pate shaven but for a long braided queue at his shoulder. A straight slash of mouth." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.230)


"...hood back, shaved scalp dark as rich loam, a long queue draped forward over one shoulder." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.101)


"He spoke aristocratic Talian with a hint of an accent she couldn't place." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.230)


"He sat against a stone, legs straight out before him, arms crossed, his hood pulled back. His queue of long black hair hung forward over one shoulder. Raising a dark and lean face towards the night sky..." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.189)


"I don't trust this one. The stink of the Worm clings to him." - Obo - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.355)


"Summoning his Thyr Warren, he probed the work of the Stormriders' mysterious sorcerers, the Wandwielders." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.360)


"Tayschrenn's not making any friends. Good. The day had been a disaster, and the blame lay squarely at the High Mage's feet." - thoughts of Tattersail - (GotM, UK mmpb p.59)


"They entered the command tent. She sensed immediately the presence of power, what Calot called smell. It made his eyes water. It gave her a migraine headache, This particular emanation was a power she knew well, and it was anathema to her own."  - Tattersail nears Tayschrenn. Her warren is Thyr (light), his is Telas (fire). Seems unlikely one would be anathema to the other? - (GotM, UK mmpb p.63)


"...Tattersail saw, through the opening that led into the tent's second compartment, a familiar robed figure. He leaned with long-fingered hands on Dujek's map table. His magenta cloak rippled like water though he remained motionless. 'Oh, really now,' Tattersail whispered."

'Just my thought,' Calot said, wiping his eyes.

'Do you think,' she said, as they took their seats, 'it's a studied pose?'

Calot grinned. 'Absolutely. Laseen's High Mage couldn't read a battle map if his life depended on it.'"  - (GotM, UK Trade p.48, UK mmpb p.63)


"In the other compartment, High Mage Tayschrenn turned at these words and approached slowly. Within his hood a broad smile creased his dark face, a momentary cracking of seamless features. The smile passed quickly, the ageless skin becoming smooth again. 'Hello my colleagues,' he said, droll and menacing at once." - (GotM, UK mmpb p.66)


"Down on the first hill, High Mage Tayschrenn rose and lifted his arms out to the sides. A wave of golden flame spanned his hands, then rolled upwards, growing as it raced towards Moon's Spawn. The spell crashed against the black rock, sending chunks hurtling out, then down. A rain of death descended on the city of Pale, and among the Malazan legions waiting in the plain." - (GotM, UK mmpb p.74)


"Tayschrenn launched another wave of gilden flames, crashing with amber spume and red-tongued smoke." - (GotM, UK mmpb p.75)


"Magic rained in an endless storm around Tayschrenn, where he still knelt on the withered blackened hilltop. But every wave directed his way he shunted aside, wreaking devastation among the soldiers cowering on the plain. Through the carnage filling the air, through the ash and shrill-tongued raens, through the raining rocks and the screams of the wounded and dying, through the blood-chilling shrieks of demons flinging themselves into the ranks of soldiery - through it all sounded the steady thunder of the High Mage's onslaught. - Tayschrenn shows what he is capable of - (GotM, UK mmpb p.77)


"'Remember the very beginning? The Emperor was mad, but Tayschrenn stood at his side. He shaped the Empire’s dream and so opposed the Emperor’s nightmare.'" - Bellurdan - (GotM, UK Trade, p.75)


On the cult of D'rek in Kartool city '..the archpriest of the Grand Temple had only recently gained his eminence via an internal coup, and the ousted rival had been none other than Tayschrenn, the Emperor's new - at the time - High Mage.' - (BH UK Tpb, p. 3)


“The Cult of the Worm is ancient, Pearl.  Even we cannot determine just how old.  There is mention of a goddess, the Matron of Decay, the Mistress of Worms -- a half-dozen titles -- in Gothos’ Folly -- in the fragments possessed by the temple.  Or at least, once in the temple’s possession -- those scrolls disappeared --”


  Banschar managed a bitter smile.  “Since the night of Tayschrenn’s flight from the Grand Temple in Kartool.  He has them.  He must have them."  -(BH)


The Imperial High Mage Tayschrenn was in Malaz City, ensconced in Mock’s Hold.  What had brought him here?  And why so public a visit -- the strange sorceror was legendary for moving unseen, for acting behind the scenes to ensure the health of the empire.   - Banaschar - (BH) 


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