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Telorast and Curdle

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Telorast and Curdle


Ghosts, once trapped within the realm of Shadow, released by Apsalar




"Translucent flesh, the bones strangely luminescent, a skeletal face with black-pitted eyes."  -(BH, UK TPB, p. 27)


Once True Eleint and pretendesr to the Throne of Shadow who were offered Dragnipur, or to die at the hands of Kilmandaros.  They chose Kilmandaros and their souls were chained within Emurlahn by Edgewalker.

Dessimbelackis offered to free them in return for their help and brought them the body of a Tiste Andi woman.  However when they semble into their true forms they return chained to Emurlahn.



Silchas to Olar Ethil - "Two undead dragons are seeking you.  I know them of old.  They will bow and scrape and swear fealty.  But in their hearts they are vile.

Olar Ethil sniffed.  "I thought I sensed … something.  On our trail.  You say you know them, while I do not.  I find that odd, given the world you and I once shared."

"From when the Eleint were unleashed, out through the Gate, seeking to claim realms to rule amidst the shattered remains of Kurald Emurlahn."  He paused, and then added,  "My own encounter with them was brief, but violent.  They are true spawn of T'iam."

"Yet they travel together.  Why has neither one committed treachery upon the other?"

"I believe they are twins, Olar Ethil, hatched from a single egg as it were.  Among all the Eleint during the Wars of Shadow, they came closest to victory. (DoD)


General References


Apsalar: ' yet you speak the language of the Tiste Andii' - (BH UK Tpb, p. 38)


Cotillion to Apsalar on Telorast and Curdle : 'They are now agents of Edgewalker.' - (BH UK Tpb. p.81)


To Telorast : 'We were women once, remember..?' -  (BH UKTpb. p.171)


Bottle to Fiddler: '...why Apsalar has two dragons in tow?'

'They're not dragons, they're tiny lizards-'.

'No, Sergeant, they're dragons.' - (BH UKTpb. p.485)



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