Tenag Ilbaie

Tenag Ilbaie


Former T'lan Imass Bonecaster of the Logrs Clan.


Now one of the Unbound


"Olar Ethil, Kilava Onas, Monok Ochem, Hentos Ilm, Tem Benasto, Ulpan Nodost, Tenag Ilbaie, Ay Estos, Absin Tholai…the bonecasters of the Logros T’lan Imass. ... Leaving Tenag Ilbaie, whom Logros sent to the Kron, to aid in the L’aederon Wars." (HoC, UK TPB, p577-578)


"'has Logros a thought as to who the renegade bonecaster might be?'

'Tenag Ilbaie,' Monoch Ochem immediatly replied. 'It is likely that he has chosen a new name.'

'And Logros is certain?'

'All other are accounted for, barring Kilava Onass'

'Born of Ban Raile's clan, a tenag soletaken. Before he was chosen as the clan's bonecaster he was known as Haran'Alle, birthed as he was in the Summer of the Great Death among the Caribou. He was a loyal bonecaster-'

'Until he failed against the Forkrul Assail in the L'aederon Wars' Monok Ochem cut in" (HoC, UK mmpb, pg784)


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