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The Dragon Hold

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The Dragon Hold


  • Queen (Tiam)
    • "Ruled by the Queen, who must be slain again and again by every child she bears." - MT
  • Consort (Scabandari? Otataral Dragon?)
    • "The Consort writhes upon a tree and whispers with madness of the time of his release." - MT
  • Liege (Draconus)
    • "The Liege is lost, dragging chains in a world where to walk is to endure, and where to halt is to be devoured" - MT
  • Knight (Anomandaris)
    • "The Knight strides his own doomed path, soon to cross blades with his own vengeance." - MT
  • Gate
    • "Gate of the Dragon and Blood-Drinker converge on the Watcher of the Empty Hold - but no, this is all madness." - RG
  • Wyval
  • The Lady (Envy)
  • (The Sister) - mentioned in castings bit not in the glossary (Spite)
    • "The Lady and the Sister dance round each other, each on her own side of the world." - MT
  • Blood-Drinker (Silchas Ruin, almost certainly)
    • "Blood-Drinker waits as well, waits to be found." - MT
  • Path-Shaper (K'rul, almost certainly)
    • "Path-Shaper knows fever in his fell blood and staggers on the edge of the precipice." - MT


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