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The Grey Swords

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The Grey Swords


A company of mercenaries from Elingarth, once sworn to Fener, whose numbers were decimated fighting the Pannion Seer in Capustan.

The Company is now dedicated to Togg and Fanderay the Wolves of Winter.

Their commanders hold the ancient titles of Mortal Sword (Anaster Toc), Shield Anvil and Destriant.



"'The Grey Swords ... It’s said they're up from Elingarth – a decent complement: over seven thousand.'" - (MoI, UK TPB, p.77)


"'Well, the Grey Swords as you know marched south, down to Elingarth,' Crone said... 'And there they purchased ships.' A pause and a cock of the head. 'Could they see the wake before them? Did they know to follow? Or is there perhaps a great hole in the world's ocean, drawing every ship into it's deadly maw?'

'The White Face took to the seas? Extraordinary. And the Grey Swords followed them.' -Baruk and Crone - (TtH, US TPB, p.46)


The Grey Swords, delivered unto Hood by the loss of Fener, fought with grim ferocity.   


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