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The Holds - General Info and References

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The Holds - General Info and References



"...it was the First Empire in which the Holds were first discovered. True, the Empty Hold proved a later manifestation, at least in so far as it related to ourselves."

- Nifadas

MT, UK Trade, p.160


"At the lowest levels of this temple (the Tesem Temple of Shadow) there lies a chamber. Its floor - flagstones - displays a series of carvings. Inscribing something like a Deck of Dragons. Neither Icarium nor I have seen anything like it before. If it is indeed a Deck, it's an Elder version. Not Houses, but Holds, the forces more elemental, more raw and primitive."

- Mappo

DG, UK MMPB, p.455


"The Elder Deck, aye,' Heboric nodded. 'Not Houses but Holds. Realms. Can you discern Death and Life? And Dark and Light? Do you see the Hold of the Beast? Who sits upon that antlered throne, Kulp?

'It's empty, assuming I'm looking at the one you mean - the frame displays various creatures. The throne is flanked by T'lan Imass.'

DG, UK mmpb, p.582


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