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The Hounds of Light

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The Hounds of Light



The ten Hounds of Light


  • Gait
  • Ghennan
  • Cast
  • Venasara
  • Pallid
  • Lock
  • Ultama
  • Jalan
  • Grasp
  • Hanas



Venasara and Cast were the first to join Pallid and Lock.  Cast was almost twice the weight of Lock, while Venasara still bore the signs of the ordeals of raising a squabble of young.  Ultama soon arrived, long-limbed, sleek, broad head held low at the end of a sinewy neck.  Ultama's oversized upper canines jutted down.  The exposed portions of the fangs, dagger-length, gleamed white.

At an intersection ahead waited Jalan, Grasp and Hanas, the youngest three of the pack, hackles high and eyes flashing with vicious excitement.

Gait and then Ghennan were the last to arrive, the lord and lady of the pack, more silver than white, with scarred muzzles misshapen by centuries of dread battle.  These two wore thick collars of black leather scattered with pearls and opals - although far fewer than had once adorned these proud bands.

TtH, US mmpb, p.1181


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