The Pannion War

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Five mages, an Adjunct, countless Imperial

Demons, and the debacle that was Darujhistan,

all served to publicly justify the outlawry proclaimed by

the Empress on Dujek Onearm and his battered legions.

That this freed Onearm and his Host to launch a new

campaign, this time as an independent military

force, to fashion his own unholy alliances which

were destined to result in a continuation of the

dreadful Sorcery Enfilade on Genabackis, is,

one might argue, incidental. Granted, the countless

victims of that devastating time might, should Hood

grant them the privilege, voice an entirely different

opinion. Perhaps the most poetic detail of what

would come to be called the Pannion Wars was

in fact a precursor to the entire campaign: the casual,

indifferent destruction of a lone, stone bridge,

by the Jaghut Tyrant on his ill-fated march to

Darujhistan . . .

Imperial Campaigns (The Pannion War)

1194–1195, Volume IV, Genabackis

Imrygyn Tallobant (b. 1151)

(MoI, UK Trade, p.20)

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