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Thenys Bule

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Thenys Bule


Name: Thenys Bule





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Attributed Works


Sayings of the Fool


Marionettes dance afield

beneath masterly hands -

I stumble among them

crossed by strings

in tangled two-step

and curse all the fools

in their mad pirouette -

I shall not live as they do

oh, no, leave me in my

circled dance -

these unbidden

twitchings you see

I swear on Hood's Grave

in artistry in motion

Sayings of the Fool

Theny Bule (B.?)

GotM, US HC, p.188


A god walking mortal earth trails blood

DG, UK MMPB, p.607


He swam at my feet

Powerful arms in broad strokes

Sweeping the sand

So I asked this man,

What seas do you swim?

And to this he answered,

'I have seen shells and the like

On this desert floor,

So I swim this land's memory

Thus honouring its past,'

Is the journey far, queried I.

'I cannot say,' he replied,

'For I shall drown long before

I am done.'

Sayings of the Fool

Thenys Bule

DG, UK MMPB, p.40


"'Madness is simply a state of mind.'"

DG, UK mmpb, p.602


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