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Thyr, The Path of Light


The Warren of Light. Known users include Corinn, Tattersail, and Tayschrenn.


The human warren of light. A derivative of Kurald Thyrllan 


The Inter-relationships of Thyrllan, Thyr and Tellann


Kurald Thyrllan had been born of violence, the shattering of Darkness. The Elder Warren had since branched off in many directions, reaching to within the grasp of mortal humans as Thyr. And, before that, in the guise of life-giving fire, Tellann. -L'oric - (Hoc)



General References


"Tattersail felt her Thyr Warren flow into her. She shaped it, muttering chain-words under her breath, then unleashed the power."


- Tattersail prepares to fight during the Pale Enfilade. - GotM, UK mmpb p.75, UK Trade p.56


"The air shimmered before the hearth, as if hot air billowed from it. Grey streaks appeared, brightening into tatters of purest glimmering silver. These met and fused, creating a floating mirror of mercury that rippled like water.


From Agayla's hints, dropped here and there, Kiska recognized the Warren as that of Thyr, the Path of Light. She'd heard that the Enchantress, the Queen of Dreams, was supposed to be a practitioner of Thyr.


Corinn stepped forward and disappeared into the floating oval of quicksilver as if submerging." - NoK, UK mmpb, p.368


"It was if she'd leapt into a hall of mirrors. Reflections of herself and Corinn serried off into infinite distances. ...'Everyone walks their own path in Thyr.'" -  NoK, UK mmpb, p.369


"Corinn turned...'You see images?'

'Yes. Don't you?'

Corinn raised her brows, impressed. 'So. You are a natural. Thyr must suit you.' She urged Kiska on, saying over her shoulder, 'They are just possibilities - phantasms - pay them no mind." - NoK, UK mmpb, p.370




'your Thyr Warren cannot function over water' - GotM, UK Trade, p.241


‘Such wards...create a flux, a tide of power that surges and ebbs like a pulsing heart, one that is beating very fast.' - Wards of High Thyr - GotM, UK Trade, p.226


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