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Name: Toes



Race: human,



Further Info: A member of the Bridgeburners.


Toes (Bridgeburner mage)

MoI, Dramatis Personae


'Toes had earned his name by his habit of collecting toes among the enemy’s dead – whether he’d been personally responsible for killing them or not. He had concocted some kind of drying powder with which he treated his trophies before sewing them onto his vest – the man smelled like a crypt in dry weather, like a pauper’s pit before the lime when it rained. He claimed to be a necromancer, and that some disastrously botched ritual in the past had left him over-sensitive to ghosts – they followed him, he would assert, adding that by cutting off their mortal toes he took from the ghosts all sense of balance so that they fell down so often that he was able to leave them far behind. Indeed, he looked a haunted man...'

MoI, UK Trade, p.736


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