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Trull Sengar

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A Tiste Edur - Brother to Rhulad and Binnadas Sengar




'A deep, ragged scar marred the prisoner's broad brow beneath a hairless pate, the wound glowing with sorcery. There had been a metal tongue to hold down the man's tongue, but that had dislodged, as had the straps wound round the figure's head...Slate grey eyes...'(HoC, UK MMPB, p.324-5)


Rhulad himself murdered Trull.  Chained him in the Nascent -- if that was meant to be secret, it failed. " - Feather Witch - (RG UK MMpb. p.)


Knight of Shadow


“Falter?”  Onrack’s neck creaked loud as the warrior turned to regard the Tiste Edur.  “Trull Sengar, you are the Knight of Shadow.”

Quick Ben seemed to choke.

Above the wizard’s sudden fit of coughing, Trull shouted:  “I am what?  Was this Cotillion’s idea?  That damned upstart --”

 “Cotillion did not choose you, friend,”  Onrack said.  “I cannot tell you who made you what you now are.  Perhaps the Eres’al, although I do not comprehend the nature of her claim within the realm of Shadow -- one thing, however, is very clear -- she has taken an interest in you, Trull Sengar.  Even so, I do not believe the Eres’al was responsible.  I believe you yourself were.”

 “How?  What did I do?”

 The T’lan Imass slowly tilted its head to one side.  “Warrior, you stood before Icarium.  You held the Lifestealer.  You did what no warrior has ever done.” (RG)


Year of the Late Frost
One year before the Letherii Seventh Closure
The Ascension of the Empty Hold
Trull races towards his village having seen Letherii, hunting seal in their land. After three days and two nights, Trull makes it home. He meets his younger brother Binadas who is leaving on a hunt, when asked how long he will be gone Binadas shrugs.Trull enters the grounds of the Citadel of the Warlock King, and sees his older brother Fear overlooking weapon practice. His younger brother Rhulad has bested his opponent and struts in front of Fear's betrothed, Mayen, and her companions. One of many actions by Rhulad to her that has bordered on improper conduct. Rhulad asks Trull to spar but Trull declines. Mayen begins to leave but before Rhulad can stop her, Trull asks him to join him with the bearing of ill news to stop further misconduct.
Inside, they pass by their mother, Uruth, who is working on their bloodlines tapestry, depicting the Sengar's participation in the War of Unification. They find their father, Tomad, and Trull delivers the news. Rhulad, having an improper outburst is sent to deliver the news to the Warlock King. Tomad asks why he brought an unblooded warrior to such a meeting but Trull says nothing wishing to avoid the topic of Rhulad's actions. Trull asks why the Warlock King has agreed to a Great Meeting with the Letherii but withdraws the question upon meeting Tomad's dark stare. Tomad informs Trull that he will be present when the Warlock King calls council to share what he has seen. Further more, the King has a task for the Sengar brothers, including Rhulad. Binadas has been informed and will return in a moon. He suggests Trull get some sleep.
At the meeting, Trull recounts his story of what he saw and how he through his trusted spear in to the chest of one who laughed upon seeing him. The Warlock King says they will die but not at the Edur hand but within Kurald Emurlahn.
After the meeting the Warlock King explains the task he requests of the Sengar brothers, something he saw in a vision. They, with two others, are to go to a plain of snow and ice and retrieve a dark object from a spear of ice. A gift to the Warlock King. But they cannot touch it with their bare hands. The meeting is ended when a K'risnan enters, saying the slaves are in trouble.


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