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Trygalle Trade Guild

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Trygalle Trade Guild


A trade guild based out of Trygalle on Genabackis. It uses the Warrens for travel, thus making its missions extremely dangerous and its services very expensive.


"Karpolan Demesand was one of the original founders of the Trygalle Trade Guild, a citizen of the small fortress city of the same name, situated south of the Lamatath Plain on the continet of Genabackis. Born of a dubious alliance between a handful of mages, Karpolan among them, and the city's benefactors - a motley collection of retired pirates and wreckers - the Guild came to specialise in expeditions so risk-laden as to make the average merchant pale. Each caravan was protected by a heavily armed company of shareholders - guards who possessed a direct stake in the venture, ensuring the fullest exploitation of their abilities. And such abilities were direly needed, for the caravans of the Trygalle Trade Guild - as was clear from the very outset - travelled the warrens."

(DG, UK mmpb, p.791)


"'The Trygalle Trade Guild does not offer bids, for every other enterprise would be sure to greatly underbid them without even trying. In other words, they are not cheap. More exactly, their services demand a king’s ransom generally. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that they will do precisely what they have been hired to do, no matter how . . . uh, nightmarish . . . the logistics.'"

- Kruppe

(MoI, UK Trade, p.146-7)


"Our office in Darujhistan is small, newly opened, you understand. We do not advertise our services. Not openly, in any case. Frankly, those services include activities that are, on occaision, clandestine in nature. We trade not only in material goods but in information, the delivery of gifts, of people themselves. . .other creatures." (DG, UK mmpb, p.792)


"Reaching the crest, Itkovian paused. The sun-tarp on its poles was fifteen paces directly ahead. On this, the backside of the formal meeting place, sat a row of water casks and ornate crates bearing the sigil of the Trygalle Trade Guild—well recognizable as the traders had first become established in Elingarth, Itkovian's homeland. Eyes resting on that sigil, he felt proud on their behalf for their evident success." (MoI)


" 'I was thinking about the Trygalle Trade Guild.'

Her head snapped round. 'Are you mad? Got a damned death wish?' "

Gruntle and Stonny (TtH)


" A shareholder was just that, someone with a stake in the venture, profiting by their own efforts with no fat fool in the wings waiting with sweaty hands.

Was this a death wish? Hardly. Plenty of shareholders survived, and the smart ones made sure they got out before it was too late, got out with enough wealth to buy an estate, to retire into a life of blissful luxury."

Gruntle's thoughts (TtH)




"The Daru was frowning at the carriages. 'I know the maker of those,' he said quietly. 'Bernuk's, just back of Lakefront. But I've never seen them that big before...'"

(DG, UK mmpb, p.809)



Known contracts


- Mission offered by the Council of Darujhistan : To deliver 10 000 Darujhistan councils to Dujek's rebel army in Pale (MoI)


- Mission offered by the Council of Darujhistan and Dujek + Caladan Brood  : to supply the combined armies during the Pannion Domin campaign (MoI)

- Mission offered by Dujek Onearm, with financial support from the T'orrud Cabal of Darujhistan.
To deliver food and water to Coltaine's army during the Chain of Dogs campaign. To deliver a special gift to Coltaine himself : " a small oblong bottle of smoky grey glass on a silver chain" (DG). This bottle is meant to capture Coltaine's soul after death, thus allowing rebirth. But in the end, it is the imperial historian Duiker who wears the bottle.
To deliver a crate of Moranth explosives to Fiddler in Tremorlor (Seven Cities Azath House). Gift sent by Quick Ben. (DG and MoI)


- Mission offered by Dujek Onearm and the T'orrud Cabal : to retrieve the body wearing a small oblong bottle from the Chain of Dogs field of battle in Seven Cities, and to deliver it to High Alchemist Baruk in Darujhistan. (DG)


- Mission offered by Dujek Onearm : to bring back Paran and the Bridgeburners to Darujhistan with enough funds to buy them all an estate, after the Pannion Domin campaign (MoI)


- Mission offered by Mappo Trell. To bring Mappo to the continent of Lether (TtH)


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