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Name: Twist



Race: Moranth


Warren: N/A

Further Info: Of the Black Moranth


Twist, commander of the Black Moranth

MoI, Dramatis Personae


Were the Black Moranth a loquacious people, the

history of Achievant Twist would be known. And were

it known, from what preceded first mention of him

following the alliance with the Malazan Empire;

his sojourn during the Genabackan Campaigns of

that same empire; and of his life within the Moranth

Hegemony itself – one cannot but suspect that

the tale would be worthy of more than one legend.

Lost Heroes

Badark of Nathii

MoI, UK Trade, p.714, UK MMPB, p.949


'The Fourth rider was a Black Moranth, entirely encased in chitinous armour, and that armour was badly damaged. The warrior had lost all four fingers of his right hand, yet continued to wear what was left of its gauntlet. Countless sword slashes marred the gleaming black armour.'

MoI, uk mmpb, p.110


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