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The capital city of the Malazan Empire. It is a large city, located on the continent of Quon Tali.


Unta Capital of the Malazan Empire, on Quon Tali.


GotM, Glossary

"'Coll says that the Empire's capital, Unta, is as big as Darujhistan. Is it?'


Kalam shrugged. 'Maybe. A lot uglier. I don't expect we'll have a chance to visit it, though. Itko Kan lies on the south shore, while Unta is on Kartool Bay, the northeast coast."


GotM, US HC, p.487

"The familiar sights, the teeming interminable crowds, the voices and clash of languages..."


GotM, US HC, p.53

"Beyond the walls encircling the Round rose Unta's painted spires and domes."


DG, UK mmpb, p.28

"Here, families traced their lines back seven centuries to those tribal horseman who had first come to this land from the east. In blood and fire, as always the way, they had conquered and subdued the cousins of the Kanese who'd built villages along the coast."


GotM, US HC, p.53


Judgement's Round


"He came shambling into Judgement's Round from the Avenue of Souls, a misshapen mass of flies."


DG, UK mmpb, p.23

"...and close to the Round's central fountain the abandoned mule that had collapsed earlier still kicked feebly in the air."


DG, UK mmpb, p.23







"...for while the Iron Legion had been an elite heavy infantry regiment, it had been annihilated during Kellanved's invasion of the once independent kingdom of Unta."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.175

"'Mine was the hand that took the life of Unta's royal line, king queen, sons and daughters.'


'And cousins, second cousins, third -'


'Expunging all hope, indeed.'"


- Topper to Ganoes Paran

GotM, US HC, p.48

...(Tavore was) in fact, recreating a set battle, culled from historical accounts of a century old clash between a Royal Untan army and the rebelling house of K'azz D'Avore. A battle that had seen the annihilation of the renegade noble family's forces and the subjugation of the D'Avore household. And that, taking on the role of duke Kenussen D'Avore...


HoC, UK mmpb, pg 703-704




"He passed through Toll Ramp Gate and made his way along Marble Slope Road, where the first merchant estates appeared..."


GotM, US HC, p.53

"The parade down Colonnade Avenue is going to be one long bloodbath."


DG, UK mmpb, p.30



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