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People: Untan

Also known as:

Location: Unta, Quon Tali - continent


Famous Members:

Members we have met: Ganoes Paran, Tavore Paran, Felisin Paran

Further info:


"Here, families traced their lines back seven centuries to those tribal horseman who had first come to this land from the east. In blood and fire, as was always the way, they had conquered and subdued the cousins of the Kanese who'd built villages along this coast. From warrior horsemen to horsebreeders to merchants of wine, beer, and cloth. An ancient nobility of the blade, now a nobility of hoarded gold, trade agreements, subtle maneuverings, and hidden corruptions in gilded rooms and oil-lit corridors."


GotM, US HC, p.53

"...long double-edged Untan duelling swords."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.112


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