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Urko Crust

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Urko Crust


Race : Human, Napan

Psuedonym :Ba ’ienrok - Keeper (HoC)


A former Admiral. Brother of Cartheron Crust and a member of Kellanved's Old Guard.  

Presumed to have drowned with his brother Cartheron Crust.

Physical Description


The man standing at the bend in the path ten paces ahead was huge by lowlander standards, his skin so dark as to seem black. He wore no shirt, only a sleeveless vest of heavy mail stiffened by rust. His muscles were vast, devoid of fat, making his arms, shoulders and torso look like they had been fashioned of taut ropes. He wore a belted loincloth of some colourless material. A hat that seemed made of the torn remnant of a hood covered his head, but Karsa could see thick, grey-shot beard covering the lower half of the man’s face. (HoC UK mmpb, p.155)


"Unknown to the rest of us, the Napans among us were far more than simple refugees. Surly was of the royal line. Crust and Urko had been captains in the Napan fleet, a fleet that would have likely repelled the Untans if it hadn’t been virtually destroyed by a sudden storm. As it turned out, theirs was a singular purpose – to crush the Untan hegemony – and they planned on using Kellanved to achieve that." -  Nok to Adjunct Tavore - (HoC UK mmpb, p.210)


The man standing within filled the doorway.  Napan, massive muscles, blunt face, small eyes.  His scalp shaved and white with dust, through which a few streaks of sweat ran down to glisten in his thick, wiry eyebrows. - (BH UK MMPB, p.157)


Location :  ‘North coast of Seven Cities. The sea yonder is the Otataral Sea. The forest covering this peninsula is called the A’rath. Nearest city is Ehrlitan, about fifteen days on foot west of here.’ (HoC)


A faint grin.  “It was our joke, you see.  We all made the pact … to drown.  Nobody got it.  Nobody gets it.  Probably never will.” - Urko to Apsalar - (BH)


'I once saw Urko punch down the side of a mudbrick house. Three blows, no more than four, anyway, and the whole thing toppled in a cloud of dust. That Napan bastard could

punch.’ - Gesler - (HoC, UK Trade, p.360)


In the eleventh year of Laseen's reign he helped form the Talian League to rebel against the Malazan Empire.


"Amaron escorted the four to her.  'Urko,' he said, indicating the burly, square-faced one with silver brush-cut hair." - (Return of the Crimson Guard, US mmpb, p.67


Urko and Karsa

Though the Teblor was anticipating a violent reaction from Keeper, and though Karsa’s hand was close to the grip of his bloodsword, he was unable to avoid the blurred fist that lashed out, connecting with his lower ribs on his right side. Bones cracked. The air in his lungs exploded outward. Sagging, Karsa staggered back, incapable of drawing breath, a flood of pain darkening his vision.

He had never been hit so hard in his life. Not even Bairoth Gild had managed to deliver such a blow. Even as consciousness slipped from him, he swung a look of astonished, unfeigned admiration on Keeper. Then he collapsed.- (HoC)


The Napan waved a hand. ‘Listen, lad. When a man arranges his own death, he needs to plan ahead. A life of anonymity doesn’t come as cheap as you’d imagine. I emptied half of Aren’s treasury a day before my tragic drowning. ' -(HoC) 




"Like the time Urko, a commander famed for his brawn, dismembered an enk'aral during the campaigns in north Falar." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.218)


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