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Name: Vorcan

Pseudonyms:  Lady Verada

Age: Unknown (likely extremely old)

Race: Demon, currently of human appearance

Appearance: Long brown hair

Further info: A member of the T'orrud Cabal, mistress of the Darujhistan assassin's guild



Vorcan, Mistress of the Guild (also known as the Master of Assassins) - GotM, Dramatis Personae


"A silver-masked woman touched his arm. Startled by the contact, he turned to look at her. Long brown hair surrounded the featureless mask, its eyehole slits revealing nothing of what lay behind it." -thoughts of Rallick Nom -GotM, UK TPB, p.470


"It was unlikely that Vorcan would possess such material [otataral], given that she was a High Mage..." -thoughts of Rallick Nom - GotM, US HC, p.476


"The ease with which she'd dispelled his power made it clear that she was his master in sorcery." -thoughts of Baruk - GotM, US HC, p.477


Rallick squinted at the tall, hunched Jaghut.  “She?  Who?”

“A demon in truth.  Vorcan is her name now, I believe.  You laid beside her, immune from the passage of time.  But now she has awakened.  She has, indeed, escaped.  One might consider this … perturbing.  If one cared, that is.”  - (TtH, UK HB) 


"And then [Baruk] stood, facing the wall she would come through.

Stood, awaiting Vorcan.

No longer afraid of her.

No, the terror he was feeling belonged instead to her reason for coming. As for the Mistress of Assassins herself, damn but he had harsh words awaiting her.

You killed the others, woman. All but myself and Derudan. Yes, only the three of us left. Only three.

To stop, if we can, the return of the Tyrant.

Oh, Vorcan, you toppled far too many stones that night." -thoughts of Baruk - TtH, US TPB, p.152


Baruk: 'One thing he had gleaned from that night of murder years ago: Vorcan had, somehow, guessed what was on its way.  Even back then, she had begun her preparations … all to ensure her level of comfort.  Sending her daughter away, extricating herself from the Guild.' (TtH, UK HB)


"Lady Varada,"  he now said.  "Uh, Mistress Vorcan, I mean.  Torvald Nom (TtH)


She was wearing leather gloves than ran up to the elbow and on which dagger-sheathes had been riveted.  Her usual voluminous silks and linens had been replaced by tight-fitting, fighting clothes.  - Torvald (TtH)


Baruk was by the door, eyeing Vorcan and Derudan.  The last of the T'orrud Cabal.  The taste in his mouth was of ashes. (TtH)




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