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What happened between Karsa and Aramala the Jaghut

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What happened between Karsa and Aramala the Jaghut?



The consensus of opinion by the majority on the Malazan forum is that they...*ahem*.... Schlooped!



On a more serious note, these implied shenanigans are a major point in favour of the theory that Toblakai are the non-Jaghut half of the parentage of a Jhag. This may well be the case for some Jhags, but it is not necessarily the case that all Jhags are born of the union of Jaghut with a single other species. Jhag could be an umbrella term that embraces both Toblakai-Jaghut and Fork'rul Assail-Jaghut mixed breeds.


The fact that we have only seen one Jhag directly (Icarium) and had a few scant references to others make it hard to come to a definite conclusion.



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