What happened to Toc's eye, and is he really dead

 What happened to Toc's eye (this time), and is he really dead?



So, Toc "died" again in this book.  As habits go, it's an unusual one.


But will he be back?  Probably.


Why, you ask?  His face was ripped off and he went through Hood's Gate to meet the man himself!  How could he possibly return?


Simple.  Dead-Toc-in-Hood's-Realm is missing an eye for no apparent reason.  The smart money is on the Winter Wolves possessing it, and using it as a hold over Toc to bring about his (frankly) inevitable return. 


Plus, Hood lets slip some useful information about Toc the Elder.  Given that, and the way things were left between Toc, Tool and Paran, he will almost certainly rejoin the living in order to resolve those storylines.



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