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What is the Otataral Dragon

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What is the Otataral Dragon? 



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Pearl and Lostara Yil find this dragon during their travels in the Imperial Warren, but it does not appear to be in that warren. Rather it is in a "pocket warren" of some kind, or perhaps another major warren that "borders" the Imperial Warren at this point.


The O-Dragon has been imprisoned, fixed to a cross. Although it is not clear, it seems to be alive. It is female. There are tracks of a great number of other dragons in the area, which leads Pearl to conclude that it was placed there by its fellow dragons and/or draconean Soletaken.


There has been plenty of speculation about the identity of the O-Dragon, the most common theories being that it is


a) Tiam


MT spoilers:


b) "the child of indescribable terror" spawned by the dragons to deal with Scabandari Bloodeye


c) the Consort to Tiam, mentioned in Feather Witch's reading



The bottom line?


We just don't know enough about the O-Dragon to come to a conclusion either way.



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