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What was going on with Duiker, the amulet from Quick Ben and the demons at the end of DhG

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What was going on with Duiker, the amulet from Quick Ben and the demons at the end of Deadhouse Gates?


Duiker was wearing Quick Ben's amulet when he died. It had been delivered to the Chain of Dogs by the Trygalle Trade Guild from Darujhistan, intended for Coltaine, but he had no need for it and gifted it to the Imperial Historian (see Has Coltaine ascended?).


The amulet was a "soul-catcher," and when broken would capture the soul of the wearer for later resurrection. Some time after Duiker's death, two demons, Irp & Rudd, come to collect the soul-catcher and the corpse wearing it. From their conversation, they are servants of Baruk.


"He quickly found what he sought, and drew forth a small bottle of smoky glass.


'Well?' Irp demanded.


'It broke all right,' Rudd said with satisfaction. 'I can see the cracks.' He leaned forward and bit through the thong, then, clutching the bottle in one hand, scrambled back down. Crouched at the base, he held the bottle to the sun and squinted through it.


Irp grunted.


Rudd then held the bottle against one pointed ear and shook it. 'Ah! He's in there all right!'


'Good, let's go-'


'Not yet. The body comes with us. Mortals are particular that way - he won't want another. So go get it, Irp.'"


(DG, UK mmpb pg 930)


So, Baruk has Duiker's soul and body, and presumably the means to revive him (otherwise the whole exercise would have been pointless).


MoI spoiler: In the epilogue of MoI, we see a living, broken Duiker staying with the surviving Bridgeburners at K'rul's Bar in Darujhistan. The novel closes with him breaking his silence, as he begins the tale of the Chain of Dogs for his audience.



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