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Where is Scabandari Bloodeye now

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Where is Scabandari Bloodeye now?



At the time of MT, Scabandari has been missing for a very long time. The general Edur population believes he was betrayed by Silchas Ruin, but the leadership knows instead that [Kilmandaros] was his executioner, and that his smashed skull lies in the Stone Bowl.


The whereabouts of his soul remain an open question. A popular hypothesis is that he is the mysterious presence on Drift Avalii that Andarist fears to awaken in HoC.



RG spoilers: In the prologue of RG, Scabandari is executed by Mael and Kilmandaros. Gothos is present, and points out that his freshly completed Ritual prevents Scabandari from truly dying, and thus death would only slightly reduce his power while freeing him from his mortal shell. Gothos manipulates the Elder Gods into allowing him to collect Scabandari's soul in a Finnest, the nature of which is deliberately withheld from the reader.



At the end of the book we learn that the Finnest was a dagger, which by an unrevealed chain of events ended up in the hands of (insert name), the Imass who looks after Rud Ellale in the Refugium. Ruin takes this dagger and kills Kettle with it, completing his bargain with the Lether Azath made in MT. Kettle's body and the dagger will form the basis of a new Azath House, in the same manner that Raest's Finnest was the seed of the Finnest House in GotM. Presumably this new Azath House will be aspected to Shadow or Death, and there is the tantalising possibility that Kettle and Scabandari will manifest as its guardians, in the same way that Raest now mans the Finnest House. Outside of this possibility, it is now unlikely given these events that Scabandari can appear as an active character in the series.



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