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Who is Dessimbelackis

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First Emperor of the Human First Empire on Seven Cities 


A Soletaken - form:  The Deragoth


‘Dessimbelackis,’ Onrack whispered. ‘The founder of the human First Empire. Long vanished by the time of the unleashing of the Beast Ritual. It was believed he had . . . veered.’



‘And beasts numbered?’

‘Seven.’  - (HoC UK Mmpb, p. 604.)


‘Aye, Dessimbelackis throws endless legions at us, and no matter how many we slaughter, the First Emperor finds more.’

‘Not true, Kullsan. Five of the Seven Protectors are no more. Does that mean nothing? And the sixth will not recover, now that we have banished the black beast itself.’

‘I wonder, did we indeed drive it from this realm?’

‘If the Nameless Ones speak true, then yes—’    (HoC, UK Mmpb, p. 818.)



Febryl nodded. ‘The First Empire of Dessimbelackis, Kamist Reloe, was not the first. That belonged to the T’lan Imass. - (HoC


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