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Why do people believe that Kettle is the child of Trull and the Eres

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What we know about Kettle and her birth, most of what we know about Kettle and her birth comes from Silchas Ruin's conversation with her in MT, pages 395-397 if you want to read them and understand, but the important quotes are outlined below:

“Your soul, lass? It is Forkrul Assail.... You were also a mortal human child, once. And there is mystery in that. Who birthed you? Who took away your life, and why?”

Kettle and Silchas procede to talk further about her destiny, and then kettle tells us what she can remember of her birth

She details how the Azath selected a body and she was prepared by nerek witches, the body of the child kettle, and that she saw with eyes of the dead child kettle, and through the eyes of a me on the outside who wasn't a child who is described:

“I was tall. Not as tall as you. And I had to wear my hood up, so no-one could see how different I was. I'd come from very far away. I'd walked, when I was young, hot sands – the sands that covered the First Empire... they called me the Nameless One... It was a title. They said I'd been prepared from birth. That I was a true child of Eres. And that I was the answer to the Seventh closure, because I had the blood of kin”

Kettle ponders on who her father is, then Silchas says:

“Knowing how Eres plays the game, lass, he might not even be your father yet. She wanders time, Kettle, in a manner no-one else can even understand, much less emulate. And this is very much her world. She is the fire that never dies... she will choose – or has chosen – with great deliberation. Your father was, is, or will be someone of great importance”

Then Silchas tells Kettle how amny souls are in her:

“Two, sharing the flesh and bone of a child corpse.”


Now even from these quotes the theory is that one of the soul's of Kettle is the child of Trull and Eres, she is explicitly stated as the daughter of the Eres. She is the answer to the Seventh closure, the event which occupies MT and sees Rhulad to the throne, because she has the blood of kin, ie she is related to Rhulad. Now when we also see that Trull has given his seed to the Eres, and is becoming a person of great importance, and is also related to Rhulad it can be seen that one of kettle's souls is probably from the child of Eres and Trull.


Suporting quotes from BH are spoilered below (highlight to read):


Bottle nodded. Yes, you carry a child. I understand that much.

'All right', he whispered, and slowly sent his senses questing, into that womb, into the spirit growing within it.

For every abomination, there must emerge its answer. Its enemy, its counterbalance. Here, within this Eres'al, is such an answer. To a distant abomination, the corruption of a once-innocent spirit. Innocence must be reborn. Yet ... I can see so little ... not human, not even of this world, barring what the Eres'al herself brought to the union. Thus, an intruder. From another realm, a realm bereft of innocence. To make them part of this world, one of their kind must be born ... in this way. Their blood must be drawn into this world's flow of blood.

But why an Eres'al? Because ... gods below ... because she is the last innocent creature, the last innocent ancestor of our line. After her ... the degradation of spirit begins. The shifting of perspective, the separation from all else, the carving of borders - in the ground, in the mind's way of seeing. After her, there's only ... us.

The realization - the recognition - was devastating. Bottle pulled his hand away. But it was too late. He knew too many things, now. The father ... Tiste Edur. The child to come ... the only pure candidate for a new Throne of Shadow - a throne commanding a healed realm.

And it would have so many enemies. So many ...


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