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Name: Killanthir

Pseudonyms: Wither

Age: Unknown, contemporary of Silchas Ruin

Race: Tiste Andii

Appearance: Currently a shadow wraith. Tall.




"The wraith knelt before his lord.

'Silchas Ruin, I was once Killanthir - Third High Mage of the Sixth Cohort.'

'I remember you, Killanthir.'

'I have chosen the new name of Wither, my lord.'"

Midnight Tides (page reference coming shortly)

"A grunted laugh. 'And what boils within you, I wonder?'

'You,' she said, 'are more than just a ghost.'

'Yes.' Amused. 'I am Wither. A good name, don't you think? I was Tiste Andii, once, long, long ago. I was murdered, along with all of my kin. Well, those of us that survived the battle, that is.'

'Why are you here, Wither?'

'I await my lord, Kettle.' The wraith suddenly rose - she had not known how tall it was before. 'And now - he comes.'"

Midnight Tides

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