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The offspring of Eleint. Also known as enkar'al.


'Wyval are spawn of the Eleint. They are the mongrels of the dragons, and even the dragons do not control them. They are of the Hold, yet feral.’

- Feather Witch - (MT, UK Trade, p.81)


'Grey-scaled bodies the size of oxen, muscle-bunched necks, taloned hands and feet. Long, sloping heads, the jaws revealing rows of daggerlike teeth and the pale gums that held them. Eyes the colour of clay, the pupils vertical slits. Locqui Wyval. That is our name. Spawn of Starvald Demelain, the squalid children whom none would claim as their own. We are as flies spreading across a rotting feast, one realm after another. D’isthal Wyvalla, Enkar’al, Trol, we are a plague of demons in a thousand pantheons.' -(MT, UK Trade, p.142-3)


'An enkar’al. Rare, but mundane enough.' - (HoC, UK Trade, p.397)


'The enkar’al had been alone for some time – not even the spoor of others of its kind could be found anywhere nearby. Though it had not sensed the passage of time, decades had in fact passed since it last encountered its own kind. Indeed, it had been fated – given a normal course of life – to never again mate. With its death, the extinction of the enkar’al anywhere east of the Jhag Odhan would have been complete.'(HoC, UK Trade, p.400)


"he collided hard with a massive, scaled body. Leathery wings hammered wildly at him as he wrapped his arms tight about a clammy, muscle clenched body.... needle like teeth punched through his skin .... A wyval, spawn of Eleint-"- (MT, UK HC, pg 33)


"...an apparition took form, its wings ten paces across, its shimmering scales bright yellow and blinding in the new day's light. The long reptilian head was a mass of fangs.

An enkar'al - this far from Raraku...Enkar'al were mortal enough, just notoriously hard to kill, and rare even in their desert home.

Seven marines were down. The creature's wings thundered as it hung over the rest, its two taloned limbs darting downward, clashing against shields. - (DG, UK mmpb, p.725-6)


"'Cook wants to know?'


'Is that big lizard tasty?'


'A delicacy,' Kalam muttered. 'A hundred jakatas a pound in Pan'potsun.'" - (DG, UK mmpb, p.727-8)



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