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Yan Tovis

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Yan Tovis


Name: Yan Tovis

Pseudonyms: Twilight


Race: Shake


Further Info:... Queen of The Shake and half sister to Yedan Derryg - The Watch


Yan Tovis (Twilight), Atri-Preda of the Letherii Army - (RG, US HC, Dramatis Personae)


Atri-Preda Yan Tovis, called Twilight by those soldiers under her command who possessed in their ancestry the blood of the long-vanished indigenous fishers of Fent Reach – for that was what her name meant – (MT UK mmpb, p.433)


Fent Reach surrendered. Now, Twilight’s a smart, able commander, so what made her do that? Think, Acquitor.’

‘She saw it was hopeless. She saw she couldn’t hold the city, and there was no way to retreat.’ - (MT. UK mmpb, p.441)


“I am of the shore,”  Yan Tovis said in a hard voice.  “My Shake name is Twilight.”

The hags suddenly backed away, then sank down onto their knees, heads bowed.

“End the curse,”  Twilight said again.  “Will you defy a princess of the Last Blood?”

“Princess no longer,”  Pully said to the floor.

Yan Tovis felt the blood drain from her face -- if not for the wall she leaned against she would have staggered. 

“Your mother died be well a year past,”  Pully said in a soft, sad voice. - (RG)


"The line is maintained through the women.  The Queen – my mother – has recently died." - Twilight - (RG)   


History of the Shake Titles


"Twilight, Watch and Rise,"  Deadsmell muttered.  "Covered the whole night, haven't ya?  But damn me, the blood's awful thin.  Your skin's the colour of clay – couldn't have been more than a handful at the start, probably refugees hiding among the local savages.  A pathetic handful, but the old titles remained.  Guarding the Shores of Night."

Yan Tovis licked her lips.  "Just the Shore,"  she said.

Deadsmell smiled.  "Lost the rest, did you?"

."Corporal,"  Tavore said.

"Our squad spent enough time on the right ship,"  Deadsmell explained.  "Enough so I did plenty of talking with our black-skinned guests.  Twilight,"  he said to Yan Tovis,  "that's a Letherii word you use.  Would you be surprised if I told you the original word for 'twilight,' in its original language, was 'yenander'?  And that 'antovis' meant 'night' or even 'dark'?  Your own name is your title, and I can see by your expression that you didn't even know it.  Yedan Derryg?  Not sure what 'derryg' is – we'll need to ask Sandalath – but 'yedanas' is 'watch,' both act and title.  Gods below, what wave was that?  The very first?  And why the Shore?  Because that's where newborn K'Chain Che'Malle came from, isn't it?  The ones not claimed by a Matron, that is."  His hard eyes held on Yan Tovis a moment longer, then he settled back once more and closed his eyes.  - (RG)


Shake Relationship to the Tiste Andii etc.


“I have come a long way, to this Isle of the Shake -- they are our kin, did you know that?  I suppose you did -- but they can wait, for they are not yet ready and perhaps, will never be ready.  Not just Andii blood, after all.  But Edur.  Maybe even Liosan, not to mention human.  No matter.  Leave Twilight her island …”  he laughed,  “… empire.” - Clip - (RG)






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