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Yedan Derryg

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Yedan Derryg


Name: Yedan Derryg

Pseudonyms: The Watch

Further Info:. Yedan Derryg (The Watch) - (RG, US HC, Dramatis Personae),  Prince of the Shake and half brother to Twilight


Physical Description


The grilled visor thoroughly hid his features, although the black snarl of his beard was visible -- it seemed he was slowly chewing something.



“Yedan Derryg, Highness.  The Watch.”  The half-brother I have never met.  The one who ran -- from his blood, from everything.  Ran nearly as far as I did.  And yet, was that old tale even true?  The Watch was here, after all, a mere bell’s ride from the shore. - (RG, UK mmpb. p.?)


 The lead rider held a long-handled single-bladed axe in his right hand; those behind him wielded lances, the heads wide and barbed as if the troop had been hunting boar. - (RG)




He is a Shake Prince.  He wields a Hust blade – it was the witches who explained to me what that meant –"

"Hust?  A Hust sword?"  Did I know that?  I must have.  Did I? 

"Forged to slay Eleint – without them the Andii could never have killed all those dragons at The Sundering.  They could never have fought back.  Yedan's sword knows what's coming –" - (TCG) 



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