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Name: Harmin Els D'Shil

Pseudonyms: Smiley

Age: --

Race: Human

Appearance: Curled black hair; wide, tanned face

Further Info: Captain of the Malazan 4th Army, a member of Fist Rheena's staff








Harmin Els D'Shil, A captain of the garrison (in Li Heng) 

RotCG, Dramatis Personae

"The officer used his boot to hook a chair from the table, sat. The pommels of twin duelling swords thrust forward under his armpits. His black hair hung curled in tight thin rat-tails tied off by bright twists of cloth; these he pushed back from his wide, tanned face. 'No. Haven't had the pleasure. Allow me to introduce myself. Harmin, Captain Harmin Eld D'Shil, of Fist Rheena's staff.

RotCG, UK mmpb, p.169   

'As you can tell from my famly name. The D'Avore family are - were - cousins of mine.'

RotCG, UK mmpb, p.170





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