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Rillish Jal Keth



Name: Rillish Jal Keth 

Pseudonyms: -- 

Age: -- 

Race: Human (Grisian) 

Appearance: -- 

Further Info: An officer of the Malazan military


Traits & Characteristics


Rillish's main weapon is twin duelling swords.




Early Life


Rillish grew up on his family's estate along the border of Gris lands, on Quon Tali. His family owned and operated a number of orchards.



Korel Campaign


As a Lieutenant in the Malazan regular infantry, Rillish was the commanding officer on board a ship of Malazan reinforcements sent to Korel to join the 6th Army. Among his soldiers on board the ship was Sergent Chord, whom he would meet on the day that the ship was rammed and sunk by a Mare war galley of the Mare's blockade of Korel. Rillish, Chord and the surviving soldiers swam towards shore from the shipwreck and made it to the Korel mainland.


 By Rillish's own account, his command during the Korel campaign was decimated.



The Wickan Frontier and Malazan Civil War


Rillish was later re-assigned, along with Sergeant Chord, to the Malazan 4th Army, defending a border fort within Wickan territory on Quon Tali. During the Malazan Civil War, the fort became a refuge for numerous Wickan elders and children against the peasant militias that ravaged along the Wickan frontier. As Rillish and his men actively struck back against the peasant militias, their fort was encircled, besieged and eventually overrun by the militia. The Wickan elders within the fort sacrificed themselves to open a portal outside the fortress, allowing the Wickan children and some of Rillish's command to escape, including Sergeant Chord and a badly wounded Rillish, himself.


The Wickan children and soldiers fled northward towards the Golden Hills, a sacred site of the Wickans. Among the Wickan children was Coltaine Reborn, who gave tactical advice during skirmishes with the peasant militia and who also ordered the other Wickan children to preserve Rillish's life, even unto a Wickan healer, Tajin, killing himself in the healing process. During a large engagement with overwhelming numbers of peasant militia, the group was rescued and joined up with another Wickan group lead by Nil and Nether.





"His command at Korel had been decimated, his command here at the Wickan frontier had been decimated; it would seem best for all if he just threw down his helmet. Yet the face of Tajin would not go away."

RotCG, UK MMPB, p.422




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