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Name: Tajin

Pseudonyms: --

Age: a child

Race: Wickan

Appearance: --

Warrens: Denul

Further Info: A wickan child and Denul healer. Ordered by Coltaine Reborn to heal Rillish but died in the process. 




"A young Wickan boy appeared alongside Chord. Mane was there as well. 'This lad,' Chord said, 'is a Talent - touched with Denul, so Mane says. He's gonna have a look.' The boy ducked his head shyly.
Just a child! 'No.'
'No, sir?'
'No. Too young. No training. Dangerous.'
Chord and Mane exchanged looks; Chord gave a told-you-so shrug.
'It's been ordered,' Mane said."
RotCG, UK MMPB, p.417
" 'The boy?' Rillish demanded. 'The healer?'
Sergeant Chord's lips clenched and he looked away, squinting.
'Dead,' Mane said with her habitual glower. 'He died saving you. Though why I do not know, you being a cursed Malazan.' "
RotCG, UK MMPB, p.420 
"Tajin had been the boy's name. He could not shut his eyes without seeing Tajin."
RotCG, UK, MMPB, p.422 

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