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Storo Matash

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Storo Matash


Name: Storo Matash

Pseudonyms: --

Age: --

Race: Human (Strike)

Appearance: --

Further Info: A soldier of the Malazan marines. Served in the Genebackan campaign and the Malazan Civil War.





Genebackan Campaign


-Sergeant in command of the 11th Squad, 4th Division, 7th Army (a field-assembled provisional saboteur squad)

-Known for killing an Avowed

-Squad mage Silk recruits Hurl, Rell to his squad


Malazan Civil War


-Squad reassigned to Li Heng under Fist Rheena of the 4th Army Central Command

-Storo promoted to Captain






"The Malazan contingent currenty billeted was of the Malazan Marines, 7th army, 4th Division, a field-assembled provisional saboteur squad, the 11th, currently attached to the 4th Army Central Command, under Fist Rheena, military governor of Li Heng.
The commander of the 11th saboteurs, field-promoted, was Captain Storo Matash, a Falaran native of the island of Strike. Currently, Captain Storo was sitting at a table, drinking steadily while listening to a ranking saboteur, Shaky."
RotCG, UK MMPB, p.166
" 'If your father hadn't gone down off Genabaris he'd be standing here right now saying the same thing.' "
-Orlat Kepten
RotCG, UK MMPB, p.204 

" 'Orlat Kepten. Was captain of the Spearlong ago. I was his first mate.'

Kepten! Yes, Fat Kepten. How could she have not made the connection? But he'd been a captain in Urko's fleet. That meant...'You served with Urko?'

Looking embarassed, Storo rubbed again at his jowls. 'Yeah. There at the end. My father served much longer. He was one of the first Falarans to jon up - even before the invasions.' "

RotCG, UK MMPB, p.214 


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