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Name: Aranatha

Race: Tiste Andii

Further info: A survivor of Drift Avalii, blood kin to NimanderDesraNenanda, Kedeviss and Skintick and an avatar of Mother Dark



"Aranatha moved like a lost child, ever tremulous, ever diffident. Eyes widening as they always did whenever she awakened to the outside world. (...) The muted dawn light made her seem a thing of obsidian and silver, her long black hair glistening, her black skin faintly dusted, her silver eyes hinting of iron that never appeared. Like some Goddess of Hope. But one whose only strength lay in an optimism immune to defeat. Immune to all reality, in fact."

- (TtH- UK HB p 50)


Clip :  'Aranatha was still a child behind those startled eyes, and perhaps always would be' (TtH UK HB p.52)


Phaed talking of Nimander, Desra, Skintick, Nenanda and Aranatha

Nimander Golit, the blood of our Lord is within you.  The blood of Eleint, too – is that the secret?  Is that the one weapon Clip did not know you possess?  How could he know?  How could anyone?  We have suppressed it within ourselves for so long now –

"Because Andarist told us to!"               

 Because Andarist told us to.  Because he was bitter.  And hurting, he was hurting bad.  He thought he could take his brother's children and make them his own, more his own than Rake's.

"Nenanda –"

Had the thinnest blood of all.  We knew that.  You knew it, too (TtH UK HB p.)


Arantha's Power


"My hands,"  he whispered.

 And then slowly lifted them.  "Stained,"  he said.  "Yes, stained."

 The blood of kin.  The blood of Tiste Andii.  The blood of dragons.

That shines like beacons.  That call, summon, that can cast outward until –

  A woman's hand reached out as if from nowhere, closing round one of his own in a cold grip.

 And all at once she was before him, her eyes like twin veils, parting to reveal a depthless, breathtaking love.

 He gasped, vertiginous, and almost reeled.  "Aranatha." (TtH)


'Then Aranatha was there, blank-eyed, dark skin almost blue, reaching down to grasp them both by their cloaks.  The strength she kept hidden was unveiled suddenly, and they were being dragged towards the door – where more hands took them, tugged them inside – And all at once the compulsion vanished.  ' (TtH)


'Aranatha, who flinches at shadows, ducks beneath the cry of a hunting hawk.  She hides her other self behind a wall no power can surmount.  Hides it.  Until it's needed.

Yes, he could feel her now, an emanation of will filling the entire chamber.  Assailed, but holding.  As it would.' (TtH)


Aranatha – who was no longer Aranatha – stepped past him. - Nimander - (TtH)








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