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Name: Bedek



Race: Human

Appearance: Bedek lost both legs in an accident

Further Info: Retired caravan guard, friend of Gruntle. Adoptive father of Harllo Younger, husband to Myrla, and real father of Snell, Hinty and Mew.



"Harllo saw her flicker a knowing look at her husband, who nodded, not pausing in massaging the stumps below his knees, where most people had shins and ankles and then feet, but Uncle Bedek had had an accident which was something like Rape, only not on purpose - and so he couldn't walk anymore which made life hard for them all, and meant Harllo had to do what needed."



"Gruntle sighed. 'Maybe your days of riding with caravans are done, but that doesn't make you useless. You're raising a fine family, Bedek, a fine family.' 

'I ain't raising nothing.', Bedek muttered, and Harllo knew that tone, knew it all too well, and it might be days, maybe even a week, before Uncle One climbed back up from the dark, deep hole he was now in."


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