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Nimander Golit

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Nimander Golit


Name: Nimander Golit

Pseudonyms: Nimander


Race: Tiste Andii


Further Info: Survivor of Drift Avalii, Son of Anomander Rake and blood kin to PhaedNenandaKedevissAranatha and Desra, a Soletaken Eleint 




"The young man named Nimander Golit was little more than an accretion of memories, numbed by a concatenation of remembered sensations. A beautiful woman dying in his arms. Another woman dying beneath his hands, her face turning dark, like a storm cloud that could not burst, her eyes bulging, and still his hands squeezed." (TtH)


Nimander Golit, the blood of our Lord is within you.  The blood of Eleint, too – is that the secret?  Is that the one weapon Clip did not know you possess?  How could he know?  How could anyone?  We have suppressed it within ourselves for so long now –

"Because Andarist told us to!"

Because Andarist told us to.  Because he was bitter.  And hurting, he was hurting bad.  He thought he could take his brother's children and make them his own, more his own than Rake's.

"Nenanda –"

Had the thinnest blood of all.  (TtH)


"My hands,"  he whispered.

 And then slowly lifted them.  "Stained,"  he said.  "Yes, stained."

The blood of kin.  The blood of Tiste Andii.  The blood of dragons.

That shines like beacons.  That call, summon, that can cast outward until –

A woman's hand reached out as if from nowhere, closing round one of his own in a cold grip.

And all at once she was before him, her eyes like twin veils, parting to reveal a depthless, breathtaking love.

He gasped, vertiginous, and almost reeled.  "Aranatha." (TtH)


"You could always awaken T'iam's blood within you, and find out, Nimander."(TtH)


Suddenly, in the distance ahead, sure as a dreaded dawn, the rift she had made tore open wide, and five dragons sailed out, their vast shadows rushing towards her.  Four were black as onyx, the fifth the crimson hue of blood.

 Desra.  Skintick.  Korlat.  Silannah.  Nimander. - Apsal'ara - (TCG) 



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