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Name: Gaz

Pseudonyms: Soldier of Death 


Race: human, (Gadrobi)

Appearance: lost his fingers on both hands. Just the thumbs and knuckles are left


Further info: Gaz was a fisherman in Darujhistan, he retired when he had an accident and lost his fingers. He relies upon his wife Thordy to bring money home. He gets drunk all the time and has the habit of murdering people who walk alone in the night.

Gaz is finally killed by Thordy in order for Hood to manifest in Darujhistan.



"All things considered, she'd been lucky to have him for so long, especially when he'd worked the nets on that fisher boat, the nets that, alas, had taken all his fingers that night when something big had waited down below, motionless and so unnoticed as the crew hauled the net aboard. Then it exploded in savage power, making for the river like a battering ram. Gaz's fingers, all entwined, sprang like topped carrots, and now he had thumbs and rows of knuckles and nothing else.

Fists made for fighting, he'd say with an unconscious baring of his teeth. That and nothing more.

And that was true enough and good reason, she supposed, for getting drunk every chance he could." - (TtH)


"Gaz of the Gadrobi" - TtH 


Thordy :  "You were a good soldier,"  she said.  "Collecting up so many lives."

He was getting cold, icy cold.  He tried to work his way back up, but there was no strength left in him, none at all.

"And me,"  she went on,  "I've been good too.  The dreams – he made it all so simple, so obvious.  I've been a good mason, husband, getting it all ready … for you.  For him." (TtH)


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