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Name: Kedeviss


Age: unknown

Race: Tiste Andii


Warrens: Kurald Galain

Further info: A Survivor of Drift Avalii, blood kin to NimanderPhaedNenandaAranatha and Desra



Kedeviss was too frail, already broken inside just like Nimander, and Clip could already see death in her shadow (TtH)

Phaed talking of Nimander, Desra, Skintick, Kedeviss, Nenanda and Aranatha

Nimander Golit, the blood of our Lord is within you.  The blood of Eleint, too – is that the secret?  Is that the one weapon Clip did not know you possess?  How could he know?  How could anyone?  We have suppressed it within ourselves for so long now –

"Because Andarist told us to!"               

 Because Andarist told us to.  Because he was bitter.  And hurting, he was hurting bad.  He thought he could take his brother's children and make them his own, more his own than Rake's.

"Nenanda –"

Had the thinnest blood of all.  We knew that.  You knew it, too (TtH)





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