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The Onyx Order of the Andara

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An Order comprised of Bluerose Tiste Andii


Followers of the Black Winged Lord.


Five wizards left in the order - 'and they are the last.' - Clip


Members of the Order


Ordant Brid, Reve Master of the Rock

Rin Varalath, Reve of Night

Penith Vinandas, Mistress of the Reeve of Root

Draxos Hulch, Reve of the Dark Water

Gestallin Aros, Reve of the Air



Histories of the Order


The Onyx Wizards, purest of the blood, had long since ceased to struggle against the strictures of the prison they had created for themselves.  Antiquity and the countless traditions that were maintained to keep its memory alive were the chains and shackles they had come to accept.  To accept, they said, was to grasp the importance of responsibility, and if such a thing as a secular god could exist, then to the dwellers of Andara, the last followers of the Black Winged Lord, that god’s name was Responsibility.  And it had, over the decades since the Letherii Conquest, come to rival in power the Black Winged Lord himself.


“If our histories of that time are accurate,”  Clip said,  “then he was rather preoccupied.  The sundering of Kurald Emurlahn.  Rumours of Osserc in the vicinity, a mercurial dalliance with Lady Envy, arguments and a shaky alliance with Kilmandaros, and then, finally, Silanah, the Eleint who emerged at his side from Emurlahn at the closing of the gate.”


Silchas : “The preponderance of wraiths here in the Andara, the countless ghosts of dead Tiste Andii -- I know why they are here.”

“Time, Acquitor.  The Omtose Phellack ritual, which froze all in place, defied Hood himself -- apologies, Hood is the Lord of Death.  The ghosts -- they had nowhere to go.  Easily captured and enslaved by the Tiste Edur, but many others managed to evade that fate, and they are here, among their mortal kin.  The Onyx Wizards speak of compassion and balance, you see….” (RG)


Silchas on the Bluerose : 'When the Onyx Order ruled, it was a distant sort of rule, reluctant to interfere in daily activities and making few demands on the populace' (RG)




Location of the Order


'And so the young warrior named Clip of the Exiled had exited the eternally dark monastery of Andara, had climbed the interminable cliff wall,' (RG)

Clip : 'The Onyx Order has been outlawed, as you know, subject to vicious repression.  The Andara represents the last secret refuge of our people.  Its location must not be compromised.” (RG)

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