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The Just Wars

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But Captain Faradan Sort laid a hand on his shoulder.  “No need, Beak.  These bodies -- Jaghut?”

“No.  Forkrul Assail and Tiste Liosan.  They fought on the ruins.  During what they called the Just Wars.  Here, it was only a skirmish, but nobody survived.  They killed each other, and the last warrior standing had a hole in her throat and she bled out right where the Fist is standing.  She was Forkrul Assail, and her last thought was about how victory proved they were right and the enemy was wrong.  Then she died.”

“It’s the only dry land anywhere in sight,”  Fist Keneb said.  “Can any mage here banish the ghosts?  No?  Hood’s breath.  Beak, what are they capable of doing to us anyway?”

“They’ll eat into our brains and make us think terrible things, so that we all end up killing each other.  That’s the thing with the Just Wars -- they never end and never will because Justice is a weak god with too many names.  The Liosan called it Serkanos and the Assail called it Rynthan.  Anyway, no matter what language it spoke, its followers could not understand it.  A mystery language, which is why it has no power because all its followers believe the wrong things -- things they just make up and nobody can agree and that’s why the war never ends.”   (RG)


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