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Hust Sword

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Hust Sword



Yedan Derryg had walked a thousand or more paces along the ethereal First Shore, but now at last he was returning.  And in one hand, Yan Tovis saw, he held a sword.  The weapon flashed green in the incandescent fall of liquid light.  The blade was long as a man's leg yet thinner than the width of a hand.  A wire basket hilt shielded the grip.  As he came up to where she stood, something lit his eyes.

"A Hust Sword, sister."

"And it's healed."


"But how can a broken sword grow back?"

"Quenched in dragon's blood,"  he replied.  "Hust weapons are immortal, immune to all decay.  They can shear other blades in two."  He held up the sword.  "This is a five blade sword – tested against five, cut through them all.  Twilight, there is no higher caliber of sword than the one you see here.  It was the possession of a Hustas, a Master of the House itself – only children of the Forge could own such weapons." (DoD)



Silchas' Hust Sword


Tulas maintained his steady approach until ten paces away, and then he halted in alarm.  β€œIs that a Hust blade you carry, Silchas Ruin?  Such was not your style.”

The weapon was moaning, sensing the nearness of one possessing the blood of Eleint.  One, other than its wielder, that is. -TCG




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