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Gunth'an Acyl

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Gunth'an Acyl


Name:  Gunth'an Acyl

Pseudonym : --

Age: --

Race: K'Chain Che'Malle

Appearance: --

Warrens: Kaschan

Further Info: Matron, claimed Kalyth as her Destriant and Redmask as her Mortal Sword (until he failed to find a Shield Anvil)




"Beyond the newcomers and huge on the raised dias, Gunth'an Acyl, the Matron, emanated agony in waves - and in this she was unchanged and unchanging, but now Kalyth felt from the enormous queen a bitter undercurrent of ... something." (DoD, UK HC, p.8)


"The Matron spoke in Kalyth's mind, although it was not speech of any sort, simply the irrevocable imposition of knowledge and meaning.

'Destriant Kalyth, an error in choice. We remain broken. I remain broken. You cannot mend, not alone, you cannot mend.' (...)

It was likely that Gunth'an Acyl comprehended Kalyth's convictions - her belief that the Matron was mad - but this too made no difference. Within the ancient queen, there was naught but pain and the torment of desperate need." (DoD, UK HC, p.9)


"The enormous reptile shifted her massive weight, and the sound was as of boulders settling in gravel. Lambent eyes fixed upon Kalyth, radiating waves of stricture.

'I have chosen you, Destriant Kaylth. It is my children who are blind. The failure is theirs, and mine. We have failed every war. I am the last Matron. The enemy seeks me. The enemy will destroy me. Your kind thrives in this world - to that not even my children are blind. Among you, I shall find new champions. My Destriant must find them. My Destriant leaves with the dawn.'" (DoD, UK HC. p.9)



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