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A Tiste Andii chained within Dragnipur.


Brother to Enesdia who was Andarist's wife.  A Painter and engraver of exceptional talent.

Physical Description


A Tiste Andii.  He was clearly blind, and both sockets bore the terrible scarring of burns – only deliberate torture could be that precise.  His legs were gone, stumps visible just below his hips.  He was dragging himself up alongside Ditch, and the mage saw that the creature held in one hand a long sharpened bone with a blackened point.




" I was among the first on the wagon.  Among the first.  Murdered by Draconus, because I sought to wrest Dragnipur from him – oh, Anomandaris Purake was not the first to try.  I was.  I was.  I was.  And if I had won the sword, why my first victim would have been Anomandaris himself." - (TCG)


"Who blinded you?"

 The Tiste Andii flinched, then seemed to curl into himself.  Tears glistened in the pits of his sockets.  "I blinded myself,"  Kadaspala whispered.  "When I saw what he'd done.  What he'd done.  To his brother.  To my sister.  To my sister." - Ditch to Kadaspala -(TCG)


Kadaspala's Task within Dragnipur


A mass of tattoos blanketed every exposed patch of skin, lines and images crossing from one body to the next, yet nowhere could he see solid areas – all was made up of intricate, delicate traceries, patterns within patterns.  He saw borders that dipped and twisted.  He saw elongated figures with stretched faces and misshapen torsos.  Not a single body atop this massive wagon had been exempted – barring Ditch's own.



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