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The Shake

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The Shake


The Shake are of the Tiste bloodline and Defenders of the First Shore - the wall between Darkness and Lightfall


Shake Titles


Queen of the Shake - currently Yan Tovis

The Rise - none at present 

The Watch - currently Yedan Derryg

Sister of Night - currently Korlat  (previous Sister was Nightchill)

Awakening Dawn - unknown







Withal thought for a time, on all that the prince had said, and then he shook his head.  "Is it just your royal blood, then, that makes you and your sister the exceptions to the scene you paint of the Shake?  You are not mice –"

"We trained as officers in the Letherii military – we considered that a duty, not to the king of Lether, but to the Shake.  To lead we must be seen to lead, but more than that we needed to learn how to lead.  This was the Letherii military's gift to us, but it was a dangerous one, for it very nearly swallowed up Yan Tovis – perhaps it has, given the reluctance she now displays." - Yedan Derryg - (TCG)






The man shrugged.  "My sister refuses to kneel before the First Shore.  It is the act that sanctifies the Queen of the Shake, and she will not do it."

"Why ever not?"

His teeth bared in a brief grin, Yedan said,  "We are a contrary lot, us royals.  A queen who defies sanctification, a prince who will never produce an heir, and what of Awakening Dawn?  What of our Sister of Night?  Gone, forever gone.  Yan Tovis and me, we are all that's left. _ (TCG) 





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