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Name :                      Hurl               

Pseudonyms :           Builder of High House Light

Age : --

Race :                       Human, Female

Appearance :             hacked-short brown hair   




Storo Matash's Squad:

Hurl    Saboteur
RotCG, Dramatis Personae

"You there - you two! Where is your commander?""
The two eyed one another. The woman wearing a mangled leather cap, touched a finger to it.
RotCG, UK mmpb, p.108

"Sould we go along?" asked the female saboteur and she adjusted the leather cap on her hacked-short brown hair.
RotCG, UK mmpb, p.108





"...Sunny tapped Hurl on the arm, motioned ahead; the Captain was heading west around the main curve of the Outer Round to the Idryn River.
They slowed their pace to keep the distance. The Round wasn't nearly as quiet or deserted as Hurl imagined it would be at this hour. This
section of the way was a run-down night market. Torches burned at stalls and at the open doors of inns and taverns. Benches and stools spilled
out across the cobbles holding the most resilient drunks while she and Sunny stepped over the less hardy. Whores called from fires at tall iron
braziers. Their ages looked to Hurl to vary directly with their distance from the light. Some shops appeared to never close: a blacksmith
hammered on into the night. The lonesome ringing reminded Hurl of her youth in Cawn, her own father downstairs hunched over, tapping at his
smithing. A sound that ached of sadness and waste to her. A lifetime of sweat and scrimping wiped away by a noble who refused his debts, leaving
her family imprisoned. Joining up or whoring had been the only two legal choices left for her – that was, if she didn't want to starve".

RotCG, UK mmpb, p.200

"...While she worked Hurl thought again of her father. He'd been a smith. A whitesmith specializing in acid etching. She'd been his unofficial
apprentice all her youth – unofficial because of course no girl could apprentice. Never mind she was ten times better at the work than her doltish
brothers. At least, she thought, he'd given her that much – if only that. She brought those skills with her when she signed up and the Malazans
shipped her fast as they could to the engineering academy."

RotCG, UK mmpb, p.202



Relation to The Deck of Dragons


"Greetings, Builder. I am pleased to meet you." Builder ? She must mean engineer.
RotCG, UK mmpb, p.217



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